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Axel brings three decades of executive experience to his work as an international teacher, coach, author, lecturer, training facilitator and business

consultant. He is founder of three thriving enterprises: Axel Meierhoefer Consulting

LLC, Innovision Global LLC

and The Coaching Academy Europe. technique called "Innovation Mapping," a discovery learning approach that allows small teams to see interrelationships in complex systems and align around them.


Axel began his career as a fighter pilot in the German Air Force and eventually was awarded the role as a senior flying instructor. His final military assignment brought him to New Mexico as a manager, charged with creating a multi-national aviation training facility.


Axel holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Aviation & Management from Hamburg College, Germany, a

Masters Degree in Organizational Management from Antioch University, Santa Barbara, and a PhD in

Leadership from Antioch University, Ohio. He is a certified Performance Coach and a License holder for

the N.E.W.S organizational development system. He retains a number of certificates of accomplishment in

learning, facilitation, and project management.


Axel, and his wife Heidi reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico




Bill Hinsch, is an artist and information graphics specialist.


His career has spanned advertising, marketing, journalism,and learning and training.


Bill has visualized the strategy of over 300 companies in the US and internationally.


He began his career as an advertising artist in the early 70s, then joined the newspaper field as a staff artist and later creative director at the Toledo Blade. He was also art director at Toledo Magazine.


He was co-developer of the learning map methodology at Root Learning in 1992 which has become very popular in the learning and training industry.


Bill also enjoys a side career as a portrait artists and  aviation painter with many works in the Air Force Art collection in Washington DC.


He lives with his family in Perrysburg, Ohio.