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Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert

Professor of Marketing, Management and E-Business


Mr. Meierhoefer provided a lecture during the winter term of the E-Commerce-Strategy-course of the Masters Degree Program in Information Management & Consulting at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim, Germany. The topic of the lecture was Social Media Marketing.  It showed the history and multiple dimensions of social media marketing, established differences between Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing, and was supported by many examples and trends in this field.

The lecture proved that Mr. Meierhoefer is a true expert in the field of Social Media Marketing. In addition, he was able to quickly create  rapport with the students and get them excited about this topic. The post lecture feedback was very positive.

Even after the lecture, as we continued to remain in contact with each other, Mr. Meierhoefer has demonstrated that he can adjust very quickly to complex questions around Social Media Marketing and draws from his large repertoire of experience in Germany and the United States to provide inspiring answers.



Chris Anderson

CEO and Strategic Consultant

Anderson Strategy


"I have found myself quite frequently reflecting back on our World Cafe experience and I discovered that the questions posed on our discover maps not only began a snowball chain of thoughts, but it has forced me to change my actions because of the wealth of knowledge I have received. What I learned from these topics has since caused me to become an advocate starting within my own circle of people.I recognize that I am not alone in having preference to this manner of learning; since this is the case, I believe that it would be an excellent proposal for others to adopt this method. Thanks again for the experience of it all."

Uwe Grassnick

Partner and Certified Master Coach

Rekrytema HR Management UG




It was a pleasure to work together with Axel. His fast and efficient way of moving towards targets is just amazing. I do look forward to our next opportunity to work together in a mutual project.



HeideMarie Klein

Leadership Coach, Beraterin in strategischen Karrierefragen HMK IDEE +ENTWICKLUNG, Leadership Coaching

nd Certified Master Coach

Rekrytema HR Management UG


Axel is one of the most capable and most dependable business partners one can wish for. He is innovative, creative, and applies a long term perspective when contemplating answers to questions, providing timely and applicable input in his uniquely friendly and professional style. The collaboration with Axel is just plain fun!




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