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Judith Francolini



"I have worked with Axel and I have a well rounded perspective on his skills and competencies. He is a fine and competent facilitator. He focuses on accurate delivery of content and masterfully connects with the participants. He is precise yet flexible; detail oriented while seeing the big picture."

Sarah Richardson

Student, Antioch University


"I have found myself quite frequently reflecting back on our World Cafe experience and I discovered that the questions posed on our discover maps not only began a snowball chain of thoughts, but it has forced me to change my actions because of the wealth of knowledge I have received. What I learned from these topics has since caused me to become an advocate starting within my own circle of people.I recognize that I am not alone in having preference to this manner of learning; since this is the case, I believe that it would be an excellent proposal for others to adopt this method. Thanks again for the experience of it all."

Bruno Müller


Listérus & Partners


Axel Meierhoefer is an outstanding example for passionate entrepreneurial leadership. I love to work with Axel. His experience in business development, business realization and global collaboration, as well as his amazing ability to generate a positive, energetic atmosphere, makes him one of the best people to work with. If you need support on developing your career and business or finding new ways to make an enterprise successful, I recommend him as an experienced knowledgeable partner.




Dr. Barbara Laermann

Managing Director



"As a German having lived in the United States for many years, Mr. Meierhoefer has the ability to see the two worlds in a different perspective. This perspective regarding the world of start-up and business in general has helped me significantly in my own decision process and ultimate path into self-employment.


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